Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Boy's Party

We spent the rest of Big Boy's 6th birthday back at our house.  Papa Vaughn of course made the requested birthday cake.  This year Big boy asked for a truck cake, so what better truck to make than his favorite, a fire truck.  A bit hit as usual, Big Boy was quite pleased. 

Big Boy was spoiled with a plethora of presents.  Pretty good outcome, especially for a poor kid with a birthday RIGHT after Christmas! 


A Thomas card!  Still a favorite! 


Big Boy is at an age where he still loves Thomas the Train and Cars but, he's ventured into "big boy" territory and has found a love of Transformers, airplanes (any kind), monster trucks and most recently dinosaurs.  I love how his mind gets more and more curious about learning about things he loves.  He's still our sweet, gentle boy who takes everything to heart.  I'm so proud of who he is going to be.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where oh where did my blog go?

Oh my has it really been since September since I wrote a blog post?  Oh my...goodness.  Well, now since it's nearly February 2010 (!), I think I better catch up.  What's crazy is that I really truly love keeping a blog of our family events.  Life just got too crazy I couldn't keep up and then before I knew it, there was too much to catch up on and it was nearly February!  So, without further ado - the crazy adventures of Big Boy & Boopy have returned!

One of the most exciting things that happened to finish off 2009 was that big Boy turned 6!!!!  I can't help but sound like every other parent out there when I say that I can't believe how fast the time has gone!  While five was a big deal, I think that 6 is even bigger.  Big Boy is in kindergarten now and it's so great to see how much he has grown in maturity and learning.  Being 6 means that you need TWO hands to show how old you are and it really really means you are a Big Boy now.  :)  He is SO excited to be six.  This year for his birthday we chose to do a party at Gymnastic Beat where the kids attend gymnastic classes once a week.  It was a great idea since it gave both the adults and kids to have a great time play to their hearts content.  For the party we had the entire gym to ourselves which was really cool to be able to try out all the equipment.  After our time was up we invited everyone back to our house for cake, pizza and presents.  Really a great way to celebrate Big Boy and to start off the new year!

The kids LOVE this trampoline and LOVED that they could jump all they wanted on it!

 Big Boy showing off some of the things he's learned in class

Even Papa Vaughn got into the action.

 The kids took turns trying to learn some new "tricks" - cartwheels, backwards rolls, etc.



Big Boy got to spend plenty of time on the rope, swinging and climbing to the top - his favorite activity at the gym.

Well, that's about it from the gym....have to get to bed so I'll save pics from the rest of the party for my next "resurrected" blog post.  :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


This past Friday evening we got to experience one of our first family school events! Big Boy's school has their first fundraiser of the year. Instead of a traditional "jog-a-thon" they put on a "putt-a-thon" where the kids got to take a hand at miniature golfing. What made it extra fun was that there were hot dogs or tri-tip sandwiches to purchase, bounce houses to enjoy and fun social time to be had.

This was actually the first time that the kids have miniature golfed with us. It was funny trying to get them to actually use the golf clubs the right way. We finally figure that at least they weren't picking up the ball and throwing it in the hole!

I must say that so far "school" life is a blast! Can't wait for more school events and fun!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Treats from Hawaii

Papa just got home from a two week work trip to Hawaii and spoiled the kiddos with lots of neat treats. Boopy was happy too see him and to get to wear her new Hawaiian dress.

Big Boy was also anxious about getting to his goodies. The kids like their mini "guitars".

Showing Papa her fairy costume from Clovis Fest.

Hardcore fairy rocker

Showing off her new Hawaiian purses

Trying to look at his new map without it rolling up. Don't worry, we got him a frame for it today.

Later in the evening the kiddos had to do "projects". I love that they love to do school type work for fun - hope the love stays.

Big Boy used his whiteboard to draw a picture of the new train Papa brought him.

He then decided to draw his new submarine, but then changed his mind and made it a rocket.

Clovis Fest!

So after watching the balloons and having a nice breakfast the kids and I ventured back to downtown Clovis to wander through the craft vendors. They had been sent a little treat money so I told them they could pick out something for $5. I ended up splurging a bit too and got Big Boy a toy wooden plane (which he pitched in his $5 toward) and Boopy a fairy outfit.

They talked me into riding the over priced cheesy train. The smiles below made it worth it.

Such a girl....she picked out "lipstick" and a hair clip with her $5 and then immediately had to put on her lipstick.

Showing off our new things.

Big Boy liked checking out the cars and had to make sure we knew where the engine was located.

There are many times I just don't know where this child came from! She's so dramatic.

I gave the kids a choice, ride a carnival ride or go in the bounce house. All the rides are way overpriced so I told to pick wisely. I think buying the tickets was almost as much fun as the rides!

Boopy, daredevil child, chose the plane ride. She would have been the only kid on it except for this little girl who came along and then wanted to ride in the same plane with Boopy.

Big Boy really wanted to ride on a train-like ride but unfortunately was just a bit too small so he chose to go on the fun house castle slide ride. Boopy ended up doing that too since some nice teenage girls gave us their leftover tickets!

On our way back to the car, Boopy tried her hand at taking a picture of Big Boy and me.

I in turn had to take one more of her!